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Spiritual Deception?

Spiritual Deception?  Really?  Is there now something else I need to BE-AWARE of? This post was written in February of the year 2017, never posted until this day the 25th of April, 2020.

I know this may come as an absolute surprise to anyone seeing the title, it does to me too.  In my journey of greater intuitive understanding I have learned to keep my eyes open and to see things really for what they are or for what they can become given our nature as trusting humans.  This is a perspective on how the general, alluring aspect of spirituality might be other than what you are seeing.  Keep an open mind, this is just another segment of information which you may find real or not real to your system of current beliefs.  It is information sharing to get you to pay attention.  The key to understand is that if you find yourself remembering something that you once rejected and it is accompanied by the influence of new supporting material, it may now be time to reopen and explore what you were not ready for before.  I hope you continue to read and think about this presentation.

Taking an airline flight recently I was distracting myself from constantly recognizing how compressed and somewhat claustrophobic these airline seats are by squirming over to reach the in-inflight magazine published for the month of February 2017.  I have found that these magazine articles are really very well written and provide some good things to know and think about, things that I probably would not have inquired into normally, but by simply being here in this tight space it is a great way to pass the time.  The array of stories are from writers sharing experiences from across the country and some the world.  This magazine created sparks of realizations on how we are now seeing how the word “Spirituality”, or perhaps realizing how it is being overused and maybe even abused.   The first Article was about fisherman in Astoria, where fisherman get together and recite poems.  In the  words of one man he said you cannot get that close to nature and not see the spiritual side to it.  All the poetry I read was rough, sometimes depressing but for certain it was real and from their hearts.  What I found surprising after reading this article was how many times the word “spirituality” was used in articles and also now in the advertisements.

The word Spirituality and the definition and meaning is as vast as the universe.  Some may feel that spirituality means a connection to God, personal enlightenment, higher consciousness,  maybe simply a state of oneness with the infinite and so on.   The point here really does not matter how spirituality is defined but how it is being used and when it is being used and what purpose has been put-out-there to command your attention.  I think we can say with certainty that our culture has now accepted this more mind-based spirituality movement, perhaps the more hip culture is replacing church services with however they take in what someone may call spirituality or spiritual teachings.  With any trend that starts to gain popularity and momentum it is clear that the masses of people are now accepting something new because they are now incorporating it into their lives.  When this happens, when something becomes so main stream you start to see it everywhere you look.   And when something gains in so much popularity the focus of the media and advertising companies start to take notice and then rework programs that place a connection that will impact more people.   So maybe now is a good time to ask the question,  “What is so bad about spirituality being a trend?, isn’t that a step in the right direction?;  Sure, that is wonderful, but what everyone that is new to this must know is that the persuasion of using the term spiritual may not be in the better interest of the person viewing it.  Everyone gathers spiritual awakening in their own terms, in their own time.  The deception to look out for is those claiming that if you use their product or go to their business you will become spiritual too.  Spirituality cannot be bought, it is a process of seeing, learning, exploring some of the most inner recesses or yourself.   Claiming that you can do an activity on vacation to make you more spiritual has to be looked at very closely.  Not saying that everything out there is bogus but what is being said is that if you are truly on the path to a greater knowing of spirituality of any kind and you are new to the exploration, that you must be aware of what package you are being presented so as to avoid any misconceptions.  Be sure you are not being derailed from the  intent of  your purpose. For those that understand the aspects of spiritual growth and knowledge, it is considered sacred territory.   A true spiritual teacher or guide would never use any word under false pretense, they would never claim that their way is the only way and that without them  you will not achieve enlightenment.  Spiritual growth  is a shared experience and any organization or teacher knows this and knows that every human being comes into this at various levels of understanding.

The big shift that everyone is talking about could be viewed as the awakening of the people.  (This is also considered an aspect of spirituality or spiritual growth).  When more and more people get connected to this something-new thing, they start to stray away from society controls.  Keeping the people in a bubble of confusion seems to be the general nature of society control.  If, If we see that spirituality and not religion is becoming this new way to live your life, then you can bet and surely win your bet that attempts will be made to keep any type of control in place.  People  start to fall prey to the deception that they can “fit-in” or become part of the new trend or look-like the cute, peaceful yogi guy or girl on the advertisement flyer but the reality of it is that person is innocently led astray.  The sad part about this illusion is that many people that do not know the difference are spending all of their time and energy on something that will most likely not deliver, because spirituality simply cannot be bought.  As long as everyone is aware of what is really real, then there is no possible way to get caught up into anything misleading.   As long as man will live, man will continue to search out the inevitable meaning to life.  The real eye opener is that right now in the quiet of your selfless state of awareness you are being spiritual, you are connected to what is.  One does do not become “Spiritual” by being or doing anything else than what you are doing right now in this moment and that is being who and what you exactly are.  Learning to connect to your own higher self of awareness and information is really all the spirituality you need.   For most this is just not a concept that can be understood and having guidance for knowing more is required.  That is fine, find your teacher, find your mentor or guide and do it wisely.  Do not look for things that are surface bait that will only keep you in a state of disconnection from yourself.  Ask yourself this question, “Is what I am about to do making me search inside and think for myself?”.  If the spiritual component you are about to take part in starts distracting you from aligning with your inner guru then you really must question it.  The state of being conscious is listening to your inner guide, your gut instinct.  Some people say they do not now how to listen or trust their inner instinct because they do not know what that is.  Second point to mention now is that if you live via your wireless device to bring you all your thinking information, then you are most likely caught up in the deception.  Know that your confusion is speaking more loudly to you then you think.  The state of unclear thinking or confusion that deception brings is exactly the inner guide you are certain you should listen to, yes, that is your gut telling you something is off, proceed with caution.  Get to know yourself by sitting quietly and listening to your most precious inner dialog, weed out the crap that is superficial and listen to the quiet that is certainly a place of peace and your true inner spiritual self.  You don’t need anyone or anything to define you as spiritual, you already are, you were born that way.  Spirituality is just being your true self.  There are no degrees to be obtained, there is not a special outfit you can wear, no hotel or spa get away that can deliver to you spirituality.  As long as you know the truth then  you will clearly know every aspect of every thing, whether it is given a label or not.  

Remember the saying “You cannot judge a book by it’s cover”?  This saying is so right and true.  There are so many more things that exist under the surface of everything that you simply cannot tell for certain what the composition is of anything you see without knowing what is really inside.  Take the time to research, read real books, inquire with friends in face to face conversation.  When you inquire in face to face conversation you receive subliminal messages from body language that you do not get on an electronic device.  Simply put, do not live your life connected to media, news, advertisements, trends, or anything else that promises you utopia.  And, certainly be careful of all the stories, gossip or news telling of information that instill fear in you, that is a means of control, to keep you quiet and afraid.   Most acts of this form of information transmission may be innocent and not intended to cause harm.   What each burgeoning soul of truth needs to start seeing clearly is the law of the universe and how this comes into play.  The simple law of the universe is that what ever action is put forth there is an equal reaction.  Included in this are thoughts, they are actions being sent out into your breath of life.  A simple act of listening and believing in a fear based statement can cause a free flowing forward movement of life to stop.  You can also refer to this as a block.  Blocks can be subconsciously implanted.  Consider a physical road block that keeps your car stopped and the road you are on has no alternate path of travel to keep you going.  That is exactly what these mental blocks that build up over time within a person’s belief system that keeps them stuck, afraid and apart from their true love nature.  

Keep it simple is a very good thing to remember when embarking on your journey into the spiritual realm.   Remember that no product or service can make you enlightened, you are already enlightened.  It is the removal of all the junk in your head and belief system that needs to be removed to uncover your true essence of love and to be able to see your connection to the divine, which is what each of us are already, divine beings.  We just don’t want to think it is that easy to see, we want the journey to be tough, a challenge and a great story of hardship so that everyone we tell about it will be so much more impressed.  Step away from the drama, step away from the media and news.  Stay clear of gossipy, drama chat sessions anywhere in your life.  Step into nature and listen to the silence of life for within that you will find exactly what you are searching for.  

As always, we wish you great joy on your journey.


New download, March 11, 2017:  Any use of a word or meaning from the original intent is deception.  If you are aware of this use then you are understanding.  If you are not aware of the deceptive use of the word or meaning then you are being deceived and that is dangerous.  Be very aware of what you let into your belief system as you do not want to cloud the true essence of the gifts of life and the meanings to life.  Let no man guide you under.

Mention a similar way to transform people to thinking that something that is not necessarily good for them can be good simply by how the advertising words are being used.  For instance this big billboard for Coca-Cola.  Great advertisement as Coke always does, but this one said Pure Cane Sugar and Stevia extract.  Think about this people, if you were someone that loved Coke but was recently turned against it due to a shift in diet or a recommendation from your heath care advisor, by seeing this ad, you would be convinced that this produce is now healthy for you, actually perhaps even good for you.  Truth is Cane sugar is still sugar and the amount of Stevia in this certainly does not off-set the negative effects of sugar, to the advertisement is simply proving something here that says, look with our eyes open and investigate what is being presented to you first before you buy into it.  DON’T let advertising companies WIN by luring you in blindly, be the intelligent person that you are and know what is going on around you.  It is perfect timing to stop the dumbing down process of humans, it is now time to become Smarted UP!  Listen up everyone, it is now time to Become smarter, more intelligent, not less.  So it appears that we have given you food for thought, and that is a good thing, that is making you think and go to levels of thinking you may not have before, congratulations, you have just become smarter!  Now, it is all your work to continue your evolution and the evolution for all mankind.  For whatever a man thinketh, so shall he become.

Oh, lets not forget to end this on a thought for spirituality, remember something, all the answers to spirit, God, greater wisdom and enlightenment are already within you.  You are created by the one single source of energy that creates worlds, it just is.  For learning spirituality connection one of the best ways is to meditate and start to listen to the voice that speaks to you, your true inner self, which is your self truly realized.  You really need no religion, no spiritual guru, no church, to movement, no products.  Ouch that might scare many people and our economy.  What does happen is you see the connection to life and how you fit into it and when you do a whole new economic system grows, it is one of sustainable means, it is one of compassion for sharing wealth, it is an understanding that we are not out to compete for the biggest fastest buck.  It is a new paradigm where materialism is seen as cooperation with thriving and enjoying this planet, equally for all.  It is a foundation of thought where there is no suffering, there is no abuse, there is cooperation between humans and nature.  the ends result is everyone prospers, not just the stockholders and the CEOs.  Everyone is considered equal because competition and survival of the fittest will be seen as errors in thinking.