The Independence of Soul

(Before you read the following, do not get yourself caught up on the word god.  If you have resistance to this know that when the word god herein is used it takes on many meanings to which you should use what is most comfortable for you.   It can mean divine energy, ultimate intelligence, greater knowing, the universe, light, power, etc.  The word god is used as the catch-all universal word.  If you experience unrest with the word god, then chances are you are letting society programming and your misguided intellect shadow you from the essence of life within you.  Lose the baggage and open up with no strings attached)

When Man allows the god source energy to flow, the most incredible things happen, those to which left into the hands of man alone, could never compare.  God source energy brings the most unimaginable magic into existence.  Being in the life force creative ZONE is being connected to the divine source of Life or Spirit.  When creation happens without any effort then you are experiencing the divine source energy flowing through you.  This brings a new meaning to “Let Go and Let Flow”

On the opposite side of being in the flow with spirit you should also be aware of living in Automatic mode.  Without realizing it, people find themselves living and doing things only because it is what has been done before or it is what everyone else is doing.  Awaken to the entrapment.  Your true ‘sense-essence’ knows what is real and needs no outside influence to convince you.  Living in Automatic mode is a life unrealized, living a life to the true authentic connection to self and the god-source within you, is living a life fully realized. 

If you feel an almost disturbing eruption within as you recognize that you are living more by what society tells you and not your inner god-self, know that you are not alone, it is the awakening of the many souls on this planet.  Be proud of your knowing, be open to searching out answers and be accepting of yourself to seek what others may not.  Know that you have tapped into your heart-mind, not your conditioned mind.  Stay focused on opening what will be a new world for you and worry not what is left behind.  By staying the path remember that you are becoming the light which will shine in ways that some people around you may not recognize, almost being seen as a threat or odd-man-out.  Do not pay attention to the distractions, stay focused on the good, loving feeling in your heart and watch what it brings.  Remember that as you transform your energy transforms and energy attracts like energy.  The old energy that you were is no longer attracted the same way to things and people you once knew,  energy either is repelled or it is attracted to its equivalent vibrational frequency.  There is truth that in any path chosen to travel upon there may be challenges, but know that you will not be facing any challenge alone.  What is important to remember is the light, the love, the support and grace that will follow you as you embark on your journey.   This is called independence of soul.