Join the Heart Revolution – Empower your Heart, your health and your Life

This event is a journey to unlock the secrets of our hearts so we can live longer, healthier more fulfilled lives. Someone in the US has a heart attack every 40 seconds.

Perhaps there is a history of heart attack in your family. Maybe someone you love suffers from high blood pressure or cholesterol. Maybe you are unable to let go of resentment or suffered a childhood trauma that affects you today. Perhaps a friend you care about is stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns or you are living with the pain of grief and loss.

In my friend Razi’s 12 years as a publisher of naturopathic medicine, she found that the science shows that total health and longevity depend not only on what we eat but also the quality of our relationships, exposure to environmental toxins, our connection to nature and community, and whether we listen to our heart’s deepest longings and intuition.

This is my invitation to you to join The Heart Revolution FREE as my guest and to give me your feedback. Register here for access to the series, and see what more than 60 experts in the field of medicine, psychology, naturopathy, relationship studies, human consciousness and quantum science say about the heart-brain connection, and how you can live a longer life filled with more love, more joy, more happiness and better health.

The Heart Revolution will empower you to follow your intuition, to listen to your inner voice and to break through the barriers that keep you from your best health. You will learn emerging science not shared anywhere else that shows maybe everything we thought about heart disease was wrong!

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