Your own personal RESET button!


A state of mind is an illusion, or is it?  The images, people, circumstances, places and many other physical realities are all an illusion, or are they?   The word  ‘illusion’ is rather confusing.  The illusion as it is being called or reality we get to live is very much influenced by the thoughts we have.   Seeing the outcome of our thoughts can be termed ‘illusion’ because it can change from moment to moment, all based on how you want to see things.

A couple of weeks ago there was a Bashar channeling in Sedona.  I was told that one of the messages given was that on September 24th, 2016 there will be a monumental shift that will be changing the way we live in our world.   Well, September 24th came and went with no differences noticed, until the night of September 26th.     It seems that when a shift happens, it is not delivered to us as beacons of light with accompanying orchestral music,  alarming horns or bells.  When a shift occurs one must be aware of everything that is going on around them and be very aware of the many subtle messages from the divine universe or God.

One of the challenges I faced on a daily basis was time, time to do what I wanted to get done and to have all the energy required to accomplish the tasks, not to mention being wishful  to have enough time left for a full night of restful sleep.  In my mind I was seeing the lack of time, the burn out of energy and the limited hours of sleep to where I awoke exhausted.  This one night a message came to me and yes it felt very much like a loud voice from above only because it came so very clearly.  It said to me, tell yourself you have all the time to do what you want to do, you enjoy the energy you have while doing your tasks and you will get all the rest you need when you fall asleep.  The words were all positive in nature and only directed me to what my heart truly wanted.  At that moment without any doubt I put the words into action.  It was if the clock on the wall had stopped and the water coming out of the faucet was filled with tiny scrubbing bubbles that cleaned the dishes for me.  I was in bliss.  I then went to bed and had one of the most restful nights, awakening with the same inspiration that followed me through out my day and in to the next night.  It is what I call a realized miracle or a shift.

I have since been having conversations with a couple of dear and enlightened friends that synchronistically had situations that were EXACTLY the same.  Raven de la Croix of Sedona planted the seed in me by giving this great example of a reset button and  about resetting ourselves in various ways, taking stock of our current thought patterns and seeing those patterns for what they are so that the new thought paradigm can begin.   Seconds after that conversation I came in contact with  a  woman that needed to hear  this information to catapult her temporary stuck patterns into new expansive thoughts .  It became so very clear to understand what all this talk  about manifesting your reality really means.  Finally a true to life example moved me from reading about it to living it.

I would like to leave you with this thought.  Be aware, be open, let go of the old parts of you that serve you no longer and allow the energy of the universe to guide your being, your soul, to the place it was meant to be.  Do not be so focused on the material world and focus a bit more on the sensations of your heart and the messages you hear.  Chances are you are receiving a great wisdom.  Let go and be open to saying goodbye to the person you thought you were, be open to seeing yourself as part of the great divine oneness where there is no separation from anything that is all abundant, all beautiful, all peaceful, all divine.