News travels fast, faster than light now with our technology today.  When we receive news of tragic events we can see how we react, our hearts hurt, our hearts cry and our minds simply do not understand the reasons why…..

By aligning with the bad news, by continuing to let that energy flow through each of us allows that particular vibration of energy to become stronger.  The goal is to remember what you felt like before  you received such news, focus on the feeling of love you had and bring forth that feeling into your mind and into your heart.  One might think that by doing this shows no compassion or caring, but quite the contrary.  When the critical mass of individuals can focus attention on the opposing emotions other than the fear, the energy of any particular event will change and heal.  We have been conditioned that we must live in the mass hysteria in order to do good.  Remember if we join in the fear based thoughts then those thoughts will become reality and then the dark energies gain momentum.  It is the goal to send Love, send Light to the disruption and focus on Love and the feelings Love brings.  Love is what we want to manifest in our world.  At times of unrest this is a challenge and it takes a Love creator or Light worker (what every human being is) to accomplish this great task.  NOW, what will you do, continue to spread fear or heal it with love?  In honor of the many lives lost WE send out now all the LOVE, all the LIGHT to this entire planet.  May the healing occur NOW and may LOVE permeate and let there be only events of LOVE from this moment on.  Let LOVE Rule!