September 23rd to September 28th, Shifting into the New Paradigm

Taking place this September 23rd to September 28th, the ultimate divine energetic state that will catapult humans in to a new paradigm, a new dimension of reality,.  This energetic state is said to contain the perfect vibration to where human beings can manifest a higher consciousness down to the cellular DNA level.

If you need a guided  meditation to help bring about this change within your life, simply click on the link below and then  click play on the video.    Plan these days with a determined time for you to sit and feel the essence of Love come alive in  your heart.  As you focus and meditate the process begins.  When you are done we invite you to leave your experiences here on the Blog page.  It has been said that if enough people can reach this blissful state of love within themselves that a shift will occur on earth.  The time is now to be part of the greatest movement on earth.

Shifting into higher Awareness